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Become an Expert Witness, turn your clinical expertise into a side job

Nervous about testifying as an expert witness? Learn more about testifying, writing expert reports and how to present yourself to attorneys at Dawn Cook, RN, CNLCP, CLCP’s introductory lecture: “Become an Expert Witness, turn your clinical expertise into a side job”. This presentation will be offered along with 15 other nurse entrepreneur sessions at the National Nurses in Business Association’s annual meeting in Las Vegas September 27 – 29, 2019.

Dawn Cook, RN, CNLCP, CLCP will cover topics such:

  • How to prepare a professional Curriculum Vitae (CV). A CV is different from a resume in that it highlights your work and expertise as well as your licenses, certifications, education and professional activities.
  • An overview of the basics of report writing including: properly describing your qualifications, your methodology, what materials you reviewed in order to form your opinion, a snapshot of the events, your opinion on the nursing standard(s) that was or was not met, and a conclusion of your findings.
  • A detailed presentation on how to prepare to testify for deposition or trial and what to expect at the actual testifying event.

If you are interested in the expert witness sector or are interested in better preparing yourself for testimony, please consider attending Dawn’s class. Registration information can be found at

Dawn Cook is highly experienced in the expert witness field having testified at deposition or trial over 70 times, including Federal Court and State court as a Registered Nurse, Certified Life Care Planner and expert in medical billing. She has prepared over 600 expert reports in 28 states. For more information on Dawn visit her website