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Reducing Research Anxiety as a Nurse Expert

A nurse expert asked to opine on standard-of-care lawsuits requires a certain level of research into topics, medical conditions, standards, and policies. Participating in research and becoming published is a way of developing a positive reputation and showcasing an expert body of knowledge in the topics of one’s specialty. It looks great on a resume and may help boost the odds of being selected as an expert for a case.

Research anxiety can hinder a professional’s ability to gain the benefits of growing their body of knowledge and getting their name and reputation known in the medical-legal world. The Journal of Nurse Life Care Planning released its Fall 2022 issue, which includes an article on relieving research anxiety. It noted that effective research’s three most prominent areas of concern are thoroughness, reliability, and research navigation.

To read the article, click Axtell, S. (2022). Reducing Research Anxiety and Researching Effectively. Journal of Nurse Life Care Planning; Volume XXII, Issue 3, pg. 21-23.

To read the whole issue, click here Journal of Nurse Life Care Planning; Volume XXII, Issue 3, or visit