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Celebrating International Orthopedic Nurses Week October 28 – November 1

Orthopaedic Nurses Week

In celebration of International Orthopedic Nurses Week that is observed October 28 – November 1, 2019 we are featuring our nursing Expert 7287. Our featured orthopedic expert has been in the field of nursing for over 30 years and has been working on an orthopedic trauma unit/medical-surgical floor since 1991 caring for patients undergoing planned…

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Turning Morbidly Obese Patients

A major role in pressure injury prevention is turning and repositioning patients who are at high risk and who are unable to reposition themselves. Turning a morbidly obese patient requires proper staff training, access to equipment and technology where available. Patients who are morbidly obese are at a high risk of altered skin integrity because…

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Interventional Radiology Nurse – Expert 4823

Expert 4823 has been a registered nurse since 1996 and is a Certified Radiology Nurse, through the Radiology Nursing Certification Board in Florida.  She has experience working in Interventional Radiology since 2012 including pediatric and adult radiology. Prior to becoming a radiology nurse our expert gained vital knowledge and experience working in critical care and…

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Wound assessment and documentation vitally important

Timely identification, assessment and documentation of a wound is essential in improving patient outcomes.  A wound assessment detailing the characteristics, size, type, and location of a wound play a very important role in wound care.  Determining appropriate interventions, wound treatment goals, and a plan help slow the progression of the wound and improve the odds…

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Expert 7706 Med/Surg Fall Champion

Expert 7706 is Master’s prepared and has 19 years of nursing experience.  Our expert began her career nursing career in 1995 working on a medical, surgical and neonatal unit.  She continued her experience with neonates in NICU and also gained experience and further her knowledge of policies and nursing care as an adjunct nursing instructor.…

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Become an Expert Witness, turn your clinical expertise into a side job

Nervous about testifying as an expert witness? Learn more about testifying, writing expert reports and how to present yourself to attorneys at Dawn Cook, RN, CNLCP, CLCP’s introductory lecture: “Become an Expert Witness, turn your clinical expertise into a side job”. This presentation will be offered along with 15 other nurse entrepreneur sessions at the…

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Expert 4387 – Psychiatric Nurse

Expert 4387 has 20 years of nursing experience and has cared for a wide age range of patients with mental health and addiction issues and has knowledge of Behavioural Health Rules, Mental Health Holds, Involuntary Medications, Short Term Certification (STC), seclusion and restraints, Intoxication Treatment and more. She has worked in various psychiatric setting since…

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Pressure Injuries – common to get and challenging to heal

Nurses strive to prevent pressure injuries among patients because it is one of the most common wounds a nurse will discover, treat and manage.  When a patient is severely decompensated due to injury, illness, malnutrition etc., it can be difficult to prevent pressure injuries.  Nurses consider it vital to recognize patients at risk for pressure…

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ICU Nurse – Expert 2217

Expert 2217 has been working in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) since 2006 and has held positions including clinical nurse manager, house supervisor, clinical coordinator of the ICU/CCU and since 2015 he has been a staff RN in the ICU. He has experience being a part of the rapid response team and code blue team…

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Falls Risk – Part 2: interventions

In addition to a documented falls risk assessment, interventions to prevent falls should be carried out and clearly documented including but not limited to: non-slip socks or footwear, appropriate mobility aides within reach and in use when ambulating, hip protectors in place, bed in low position, and call bell within reach. For those patients that…

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