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Cardiac Cath Lab Nurse Expert Witnesses

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Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory Nurses assist Interventionists in performing cardiac therapeutic interventions and diagnostic procedures on patients with cardiac disease or defects. These interventions can include but are not limited to: angiograms, percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI), whereby myocardial infarctions are diagnosed, and stents placed in a diseased/clogged artery, along with the implantation of cardiac devices such as pacemakers.

Cardiac Cath lab nurses are responsible for closely monitoring patients undergoing procedures including administering medications, conscious sedation and assisting the Interventionist with certain tasks. They also need to be prepared to provide emergency care to patients if they experience complications during a procedure and also provide post-procedure education to patients and families on surgical site care along with diet and lifestyle education.

Nurses in this field are prepared with advanced skills in cardiac monitoring and need to be able to quickly identify abnormal cardiac rhythms such as dysrhythmias. They are typically required to have a certain amount of acute care and critical care experience such as ICU and are trained to be able to perform the duties of circulating and scrub nurse in the catheterization lab. Certifications and associations for this specialty include:

Certifications and associations for this specialty:

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