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Nurse Physician Collaboration Program

The American Nurses Association Journal, American Nurse, included an article on a medical resident collaboration program or “Nurse-for-a-Day” program run at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, CA. The program placed a medical resident with a nurse preceptor for an entire 12-hour shift. The incentive behind the program was to foster robust collaboration as interprofessional collaboration is the key to quality, safe patient care.

The residents partnered with their nurse preceptor for the entirety of a 12-hour shift on the hospital floor for all aspects of care, from patient care/bathing to medication administration and intervention implementation.

Some of the residents’ best experiences of the program included learning the nurse’s role, gaining the nurse’s perspective, and learning how an order followed. The residents felt that they had insight into how a nurse implements the plan of care, how important their role is, and the program inspired them to communicate better with the nurses in the future.

The nurse preceptors who made the program possible also felt that this program would help improve their interprofessional communication, and the nurses reported they felt more empowered to interact with physicians.

To read more about the program and the results, survey questions, and to see a video follow the link to the American Nurses Association website here.


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