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Expert 6833 Rehabilitation Nurse

Expert 6833 has been a Registered Nurse since 1991 and has experience working in Rehab, Sub-acute Care, Skilled Nursing Facility, End of Life, and Dementia care.  Currently, she is working for a Home Health Care agency as a Home Health Nurse and has been working in a Rehab/sub-acute/LTC facility as a Charge Nurse/Medication and Treatment Nurse since 2016.  She also provides Adult Foster Care in her Personal Care home.

This expert has presented “In-services” for education in long-term care facilities, has edited and authored on topics related to elderly and disabled individuals, and has been reviewing legal cases since she became a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant in 2005.

Prior to becoming a nurse, this expert was a certified pharmacy technician and also a certified phlebotomist and developed a phlebotomy handbook for a Community Hospital Phlebotomy Book.

This expert is currently living and working in Colorado but is available for work nationwide. Contact us today if you are interested in retaining this expert.