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Family Nurse Practitioner Expert 3602

We are pleased to introduce Expert 3602 who received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 1979, her master’s in 1992. This expert entered into the field of Family Nurse Practitioner in 1995, receiving her Ph.D. in 2003. 

She has over 30 years’ experience in clinical practice in hospitals, long-term care, home health, primary care, and academia. This expert has been working as a Family Nurse Practitioner at a Staten Island Hospital since 2001 and prior to that, she worked in a private practice pediatrician office. 

She has vast experience with patients ranging from pediatric and adult to the elderly. This expert has been practicing as a legal nurse consultant since 2014 and has given testimony as an expert at five depositions and twice at trial.

Expert 3602 is licensed in New York and New Jersey states, she is currently living and working in New York state, however, is available nationwide.