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How does a Registered Nurse qualify as a Standard of Care Expert?

Qualifying as a standard of care (SOC) nurse expert is dependent on Federal and State regulations and other factors.

The standards are set by Federal Regulations (OMBRA ’87), the state’s Board of Nursing, the state’s Nurse Practice Act and any position statements that have been made.

As well, the particular facility where the alleged incident occurred may have policies and procedures that affect the qualification of the nurse who may opine.

You can check:

  • Your state’s Rule 702
  • Your state’s Nurse Practice Act
  • Verify a nursing license for the potential nurse expert in the state that they live or work in

A common definition of nursing standard of care is “What would a reasonable and prudent nurse do under the same or similar circumstances?”

This is best expressed by a nurse who is experienced in the particular clinical area and who can articulate what the usual nurse would have or should have done, regarding the alleged incident.