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Expert 7309 Perioperative Nurse

Expert 7309 has been a Registered Nurse for over 33 years, with over 17 years in the perioperative setting, has a master’s degree in Patient Safety and Quality Concentration and managerial experience and maintained a position as a clinical educator for perioperative services. She has presented education on topics including cardiac surgery, robotic mitral valve…

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Expert 1701 Perioperative Nurse

Expert 1701 has over 35 years of perioperative nursing experience and 17 years working as a private scrub nurse for a cardiothoracic surgeon.  She has clinical experience in OR procedures related to cardiac, thoracic, vascular, general, spinal, orthopedic, advanced laparoscopic and robotic.  She has been the OR Team Lead since 2000 and provides care before,…

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