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Expert 4898 Labor & Delivery Nurse

Expert 4898 graduated from nursing school in 1999 at which time she worked in the regional hospital and long-term care facilities in her area. Her primary role was as a staff nurse on Orthopedic and Surgical floors. She also worked on an inpatient Brain and Spinal Cord Injury unit, where she was charge nurse of…

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How to create and maintain a professional testimony log

When you are doing work as an expert witness, you may be asked for a copy of your testimony log. Federal Rule 26, the duty to disclose, is a ruling regarding expert reports and discusses testimony logs. This Federal rule is used at the State Level as the requirement for many cases. If you have…

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Improving Your CV

What makes a strong CV? Your CV or “curriculum vitae” is what will be presented to an attorney when they are searching for nurse expert witness. Susan K Smith wrote a great article titled “Developing a Professional CV” for The Juris Educational Resource Knowledge (JERK), with some very helpful tips. When the Expert Witness Nurses…

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