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Useful Apps for Brain Injury and Disability

Technology has become a vital part of everyday life and with modern advances in science and technology, patients with mild to moderate brain injury and other disabilities can stay connected, organized and improve accessibility.  Smart devices have some built-in disability functions and features, for example, the iPhone has a feature that allows someone who is blind to use their phone by hearing a voice that tells them where their finger is. Apps can also be added that can allow a phone or device to be controlled with voice, used by touching simple pictures instead of using a keyboard, and can even provide maps with locations/businesses that have accessibility. is an organization based out of Virginia that provides support, resources, and education for those with brain injury and/or PTSD.  They have released an article titled “Life-Changing Apps for People with Brain Injury”, the list contains details and links for apps that assist with communication, organization, accessibility, brain training and more.

Some apps are free, and some are pay to use and are available for iOS and Android devices through the App Store or Play Store.  Check out some examples of the apps:

TapGram – This is a device friendly website that allows the user to send simple messages, emails and post on social media by tapping on pictures instead of typing on a keyboard.

Touch calendar – For Android devices, the app lets the user see their whole calendar at a glance instead of flipping through different views. This is good for people who do better with fewer steps.

Unus Tactus – For iOS devices, this is designed for people of all ages with mild cognitive and/or motor deficits by making your cell phone easier to use with a simple one-touch photosystem allowing you to dial by recognizing the photo of the person or the business that you want to call.

Visual Schedule Planner – An iPad app that gives an audio/visual of your daily events.

Voice access – Available for iOS and Android devices which allows you to use your voice to control your device; this is great for anyone who is having difficulty or is unable to use a touch screen.

Wheelmap – This app, available for iOS and Android,  helps wheelchair users and caregivers locate wheelchair accessible places in the world.

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