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What Is an Attorney Looking for in an Expert Nurse?

What Is an Attorney Looking for in an Expert Nurse

For expert witness nurses, attorneys are looking for:

  • Education in nursing
  • Clinical credentials or certifications
  • Clinical experience
  • Teaching experience
  • Publications
  • Speaking engagements
  • Testifying experience

Tips for attorneys

Look at the CV to find evidence of adequate education, proof of nursing license in the state that the nurse lives or works in, specialty education and certification, and publications and speaking engagements especially on the specialty topic. Check your state’s Nurse Practice Act to confirm the requirements for a nurse to be an expert in the state of jurisdiction. Inquires can be submitted to the state Board of Nursing to verify an RN license.

Tips for nurses

Be sure that your CV reflects your work, experience, credentials, publications and speaking engagements. Also, include your full contact information so that they attorney can contact you by email or phone and send information in the mail.

If you’re an attorney seeking an nurse expert witness for your legal case, please contact us today. We have access to thousands of qualified testifying nurses eager to work on your case.