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Interventional Radiology Nurse Expert Witness

Interventional radiology nurses are typically experienced in operative and critical care specialties and have technical skills and must be able to pay attention to detail. They care for patients undergoing diagnostic, interventional and therapeutic procedures.   Diagnostic radiology includes nuclear radiology, fluoroscopy, diagnostic ultrasound, MRI and CT. There are subspecialties within these categories such as cardiovascular radiology, emergency radiology, and gastrointestinal radiology.

Interventional radiology includes procedures such as the use of imaging guidance for guiding catheters and wires through a patient’s vascular system.  These procedures can include: angioplasty, radiofrequency ablation, stenting and thrombolysis.  Other procedures not related to the vascular system can also be performed such as placing feeding tubes (i.e. gastrostomy).

During a procedure in the interventional radiology procedure room, a nurse in this specialty is responsible for initiating intravenous lines, administering conscious sedation and other medications, monitoring patient vital signs and providing pre and post op monitoring and assessments.  When a radiology nurse is monitoring and administering conscious sedation they do so under the orders of a physician or may provide assistance to an anesthetist or CRNA.

A registered nurse can become a radiology nurse and can gain a professional certification.

Interventional Radiology Nurse Organizations and Certifications


Our featured Interventional Radiology Nurse experts 

Expert 4411 – This expert has 6 years of experience in interventional radiology, more than 10 years in Perianesthesia and more than 18 years of experience in critical care including supervisor/management roles.  She has experience testifying at deposition as an expert, to learn more about this expert click here.

Expert 4823 – This expert is a Certified Radiology Nurse, has experience working in interventional radiology since 2012 including conscious sedation, monitoring patients during and post procedure; procedural experience includes both adult and pediatric patients. This expert is also experienced in and able to provide service as a Nurse Observer for Defense Medical/Psychiatric Exams. Our expert is currently living and working in California but is available nationwide.


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