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Podcasts for Nurses

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Learning is a continuous journey – expanding knowledge and education is an important part of any profession but is especially important for nurses.  It is critical to the profession to continue to grow, improve and keep up with best practices and standards of care. It is also recommended that nurses look for additional ways to keep up-to-date outside of their workplace policies and share education with others. We suggest listening to podcasts as one way of staying up to date.

With technology advancements, education is readily available at a user’s fingertips.  One way to easily continue to expand your knowledge in nursing and medicine is by listening to medical focused podcasts.  Podcasts are a great way to find the information that you need and to your brain; listening is the same as reading.  Podcasts can be enjoyed while multi-tasking in your personal life.

The Nurse Journal (2020) recently listed “18 Super Informative Podcasts Suitable for All Nurses” including:

  1. Johns Hopkins Medicine Podcasts – top medical stories of the week
  2. NPR Your Health Podcast – news in personal health, healthcare, drugs, medicine, diet and recipes
  3. Medscape Nurses Podcasts – updates on nursing nurse from Medscape
  4. Almost Nurse – about a nursing student and his journey through life to become a nurse
  5. Traveling Nurse Insider Podcast – advice and insight into the travel nursing career
  6. The Nursing Show – news, tips, tricks, medication information, nursing career interviews and education
  7. The Nurses State – two nurses discuss issues affecting nurses today
  8. ONS Podcast Series – put out by the Oncology Nursing Society
  9. Geriatric Nursing – made for nurses who have a passion for geriatric nursing
  10. Insights Nursing – newest health care technology and ethics
  11. NEJM – podcast channel for the New England Journal of Medicine
  12. Drexel Medcast – Drexel University College of Medicine covers a huge range of health care topics for nurses and doctors
  13. Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center Lectures – provides nurses with a general interest medical resource that is good for learning about medical topics
  14. MUSC Health – The Medical University of South Carolina provided this series of podcasts with information for nurses, doctors, health care experts and medical school deans
  15. Instant Anatomy – latest information on human anatomy
  16. Medical Rounds – on demand education many categories
  17. La Leche League International – the latest in breastfeeding and topics for working with new mothers
  18. CME Podcasting – Continuing Medical Education Podcasting; allows you to look or browse materials in all kinds of medical areas


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