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Podcasts for Nurses

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Learning is a continuous journey – expanding knowledge and education is an important part of any profession but is especially important for nurses.  It is critical to the profession to continue to grow, improve and keep up with best practices and standards of care. It is also recommended that nurses look for additional ways to…

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Accepting Cases as an Expert Witness

If you think that just ANY nurse can speak to the standard of care in issues related to a health care setting, think again. When you are considering accepting a case to act as a testifying expert witness, there are many things to consider.  Prior to accepting any case, you should obtain some initial details…

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Expert Witness Nurses attends NNBA

Expert Witness Nurses was pleased to attend the 2018 Annual Conference for the National Nurses in Business Association in Las Vegas, NV October 12th – 14th. The National Nurses in Business Association (NNBA) is a professional nursing association that provides networking and learning opportunities for nurses whom own small businesses or wish to be self-employed.…

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